Hello, my name is Marie Domingo…

mariepotraitIn my 18-year career in public relations, I’ve had the pleasure of spreading the word about breakthrough tech products and services for some of the world’s coolest companies–including Sony Electronics, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett Packard, Edelman, and Autodesk.

I’ve always felt lucky to do what I do, since I’ve always had a fascination about how new gadgets and technologies work, and even more intrigued by the innovation behind them. In my various public relations roles at these prestigious companies, I was empowered to pursue ongoing discussions with influencers, members of the press, industry analysts, and celebrities alike.  I continue to maintain my relationships with the majority of these folks.

tbashmaddio5I’m thrilled to be working in an era in which new forms of media–from blogs to podcasts to social networks–are changing everything about my profession. Getting results through scrappy, creative leveraging of interpersonal connections has always been core to my approach to PR, and this philosophy has never been more potent than it is today.

This site provides a quick look at some of my accomplishments, including some of the coverage garnered throughout the years.  If you’re interested in learning more about me and my work, feel free to contact me, or better yet, consult my LinkedIn or Facebook profile. And here’s some of the major editorial coverage I’ve generated–from Newsweek to CNN to Engadget to Jay Leno.

You may have seen pictures of me at CES with Levar Burton before he had 1K followers on Twitter.  Or perhaps you may have read sound bites from me regarding recent technology news or PR industry-related stories.